The Shark Injector

This programmer with the funny name is probably the greatest software tool ever brought to the tuning market. It’s a self-contained programming device that plugs into the diagnostic port on your 1996-2006 BMW. From there it will re-program the engine computer with performance software.

Here’s where it gets amazing: on just about any engine computer there are different versions of the stock software (like Windows updates). The performance software must be based on one of these versions – there is no ‘one size fits all’ file. The genius of the Shark Injector is that it automatically identifies the version in your car and loads a matching performance file. Most other programmers require you to read your stock software and email the file to your tuner to be modified. There’s downtime and margin for error. The Shark automates the whole process. It’s no wonder the process was patented.

The Shark can be used to install performance software and it can be uninstalled too with the same tool. There is no limit from the Shark on how many times the software can be installed/uninstalled but the engine computer has its own internal flash limits. The Shark only works on one vehicle at a time. Otherwise, the manufacturer wouldn’t sell many… It keeps track of the vehicle by recording its VIN.

The Shark Injector is only a tool. It’s the software that gets loaded into the DME that you want. Currently, the Shark Injector contains software developed by Jim Conforti, Eurosport, and Turner Motorsport. As awesome as the Shark tool is, the software is a little underwhelming. For the most part the software is tuned conservatively. Conforti did not take great chances with tuning these engines, in the interest of longevity. He sacrificed horsepower gains to ensure no long term engine damage results. In my opinion, he could have been more aggressive to get more power and would not have lost any reliability. Turner Motorsport purchased the Shark Injector business from Conforti in 2015 and there is the possibility they will re-release revised tunes.


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